India's Leading Coal Supplier - PR Enterprise

Experienced since 1982 , PR Enterprise is a renown name in Coal import and supply industry. Its phenomenol growth, since its inception has made it a trusted brand among clients located in over 100 different areas in India. Initially Serving Brick Kiln Industry and Coal traders, today the company caters to the demand of over half a dozen different types of Industries. PR Enterprise sales operations cover almost half of India.

The company specialises in, but not limited to, supplying High GCV coal, USA coal, Indonesian and Non-Coking coal. All our product are quality tested by an independent body. We take pride in our record of providing clients with quality stock and on time delivery.

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Location :

Plot number-73 Shinay, Gandhidham, revenue survey no.4 kachh , ( Gujarat)

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Shop number 1,Anaj mandi Uklana (Hisar) India

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P.R Gupta: 09996143414

Vikas Gupta :09991501451

Piyush Gupta :9466206801